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Who are we?

Healthy SpHear is a Speech & Hearing Clinic founded by Ms. Shraddha Shaniware (Tidke) in 2019 with an aim to help 1 lakh people to speak and hear better by 2030.

We offer services in two segments

  1. Audiology
  2. Speech-Language Pathology
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About Ms. Shraddha Shaniware

Ms. Shraddha Shaniware holds a Master’s degree in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology from Aliyavar Jung National Institute of Speech & Hearing Disabilities Divyangjan.

She has completed Observership in Swallowing Therapy at TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in 2021.

She works as a Consultant Audiologist & Speech Therapist at AWMH.

She has clinical expertise in Audiometry. digital hearing aids selection and fitting, Swallowing Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

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